Reducing Gap Between Online & Offline

A gap between the online and offline touch points of a business can result in an incomplete picture of paid search performance, as downstream revenue from offline conversions remain unattributed to the keywords and creative that were key to those conversions. We at Light In The Tunnel try to bring synergy between both mediums.
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Social Media Marketing

5 ways you can use light in the tunnel services on social media

The evolution of social media and technology has completely reshaped marketing. Today, data is plentiful and insights are easy to gather, allowing social media savvy marketers to drive tremendous results.

Social media allows you to build a loyal following and share your message in a unique way, resulting in generating sales and ultimately building a successful […]

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Our approach is unique when it comes to social media marketing

Building an effective social media following is all about engagement. Getting the right people interested in your product and actually engaging with your brand.

We don’t outsource a single aspect of our work. Every social media campaign developed is completely run in-house.
Driving effective engagement requires unique content with great design. Posting useful information at the right […]

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Implement the right social media listening strategy

Consumer engagement is getting more attention. That’s because engaged consumers are generally “more satisfied” consumers (see The Dollars & Sense Of Consumer Experience and Consumers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know) and because they have a better health status and lower health spending (see Is Consumer Engagement A Habit At Your Organization? and Consumer Engagement […]

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13 Ways to Use Twitter as an Effective Marketing Tool

Twitter has effectively been our micro-blogging friend for a decade, which has even changed the face of marketing. It’s a great marketing tool & One can easily convert a 140-letter copy into an effective and succinct sales pitch. Here’s how…

Profile Set Up: Your profile picture and your bio are the most relevant info that will […]

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How Social Media Marketing Could Hurt Your Business

There’s hardly anyone who would disagree that social media is a powerful resource for brands; new as well as old, to connect and engage with their potential customers. The marketing heads spend a significant amount of money on social media marketing every year, just to ensure that they don’t lose contact with their customers at […]

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How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands

Move over Ashton Kutcher. While he was the first Twitter user to get one million followers, many other celebrities have joined the Twitter bandwagon and many of them now have several million followers. Justin Bieber (46 million), Katy Perry (46 million) and Lady Gaga (40 million) reign as the top three most followed Twitter users. […]

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Does your business need help with social media marketing planning, implementation, management, or engagement?


Generate more leads and sales via social media
Develop a custom social media marketing strategy
Design your social network accounts
Create and post to your social networks daily
Run world-class social media contests and sweepstakes
Manage social media advertising campaigns

We Specialize in Social Media

We develop […]

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We are a specialist social media marketing agency

We are a specialist social media marketing agency.

We devise and plan social strategies and help businesses to create content, manage communities and track and refine performance. A division of full-service digital agency,   we have pioneered the search for a credible way to measure the impact of social media in financial terms.

Providing an insight-led expert […]

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10 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media

Social media greatly increases awareness about your restaurant. Adding social media to your marketing mix can generate more engagement with your restaurant and get more customers in your door.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you ten ways to promote your restaurant on social media. We encourage you to create a social media planning […]

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