Video and films will remain a lead form of communication in 2022

Video Content will Stay Above All Content Types. This identified in a survey done on gurugram corporate houses.
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TikTok, created history in 2021 by becoming the most visited website by beating google.

Since the ban , instagram has become the number one downloaded app.
99% times these apps are used for videos.

In 2017, 63% companies were using video to market their business. By 2019 alone, 87% companies were already using video marketing . Now, not only the gurgaon businesses are using video marketing , but they are also making the most of video platforms, like TikTok , instagram etc.

Why is video emerging as the new king of internet?

Video Content Communicates at Another Level

Video content produces engagement with the users of all types of devices at a different level. The emotion are communicated better at the viewer’s end through video than text or audio content. Which leads to larger impact.
eg. You run a restaurant in gurgaon and lets say two people come to your website. One goes through the text based menu and other person finds an interesting video by the restaurant chef talking about the menu and showing actual dishes.
Who do you think will order food first ? Chances are very high that the guy watching video will order the food from restaurant.

Video Content is Close to face to face communication.

Video made it easier to interact and talk with people on other side of the screen . 5G technology also plays a major role in this achievement.

You can be as entertaining as you want, and as emotional as your intense script is while making a video. It is said that for success consistency in producing content as per chosen niche is very very important.

So why to wait, Focus on creating short and meaningful videos for your business.

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