According to a report 65 percent of marketers said they schedule their social media posts at least one day in advance. The main benefit here is that doing so can help you maintain a regular posting schedule. If you have a tendency to forget to publish content, this can be a good way to make sure you maintain a steady activity level.

Additionally, it gives you some time to think about and review your posts before they go live. A bad post can make you look unprofessional and unprepared. In the worst of circumstances, you could find that you are the focus of negative attention as the result of a post that needed a little more thought.

The time you post can have a significant impact on exposure and engagement. While some research into social media posting times has been performed, no study can inform you as well as your own experience.

Post content at different hours and then use the data to see what times deliver the best results for each type of social media post. While conducted research can be a good starting point, your own tests will show you what works best for your business.

Not only can hashtags be great for increasing the awareness of posts, but they can also make your social media content more discover-able. Just by looking at Twitter, you will see that tweets with 1-2 hashtags get more engagement than those that have no hashtags.

One of the top tips for social media marketing is to use trending hashtags that may be relevant to your brand. If you are trying to reach a specific group, you could look for the hashtags that they are using in their conversations. You could also create and use your own branded hashtags to promote different marketing campaigns.

You can increase your reach significantly by expanding into more social media networks. Additionally, you can use your work on one social network to support the work you do on other sites. For most businesses, having a presence on 2-3 networks should be enough. The trick is to find the right social media channels that work best for your business.

Facebook and Twitter are good options for most brands, but you also want to consider using other platforms that may appeal to your audience. To choose the right social networks, you need to consider the goals you are trying to achieve with social media marketing and find the sites that your audience frequents. You don’t want to be on a platform simply to have a presence; you want to make sure it can help you achieve your goals.

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