Writing for the web is completely different to writing for any other type of marketing material.

For a start, you’ve got about three seconds to make a good impression. So make one. Otherwise your visitor is selfish..he clicks and gone. Secondly, your potential customer is as impatient as hell and will scan your web page rather than read every word. So make sure the benefits are loud and clear and don’t waffle on about you and your company.

Take advantage of our website content writing services So what do you get with our content writings services?

Words that really count. Sure, good design is essential. But a design won’t convince, persuade, sell or inform. It’s the words that will do that. You’ll get nice bite-size chunks of copy that are easy to digest.

Short words. Short sentences. And short paragraphs. Each page will be benefit-led.

And the copy will be in an appropriate style and tone for your customer. And of course our team will work closely with your web developers or web designers regarding site maps, website structure, and navigation or design issues. And here’s a tip. Get your web content sorted out first and then get a web designer onboard. Design already done? No worries. Call team Light In The Tunnel anyway.

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