There’s hardly anyone who would disagree that social media is a powerful resource for brands; new as well as old, to connect and engage with their potential customers. The marketing heads spend a significant amount of money on social media marketing every year, just to ensure that they don’t lose contact with their customers at any cost. However, many times their social media marketing strategies backfire. Here are some of the reasons responsible for it-
Spamming Social Media Sites
When companies switch from traditional marketing to social media marketing, they try to handle the latter with the same approach as they followed in the case of traditional offline marketing. Due to this bombarding of discounts, offers and other promotional posts, most of their posts fall under spam category and leave a negative impact on users.
Not Replying To Queries & Complaints
One of the biggest reasons for brands to switch to social media marketing is to be in touch with their customers. However, many of them completely misunderstand it. They think that spamming their offers to customers is what ‘be in touch’ is all about. Many brands don’t respond to customers’ complaints and queries on time, which creates a negative impact.
Posting Unnecessary Information
In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition, many times brands post pictures or information that shouldn’t be posted otherwise. Leaking specifications of an upcoming smartphone or plot of a popular TV show on social media are two common examples of such practices.
Hashtag Hijack
Hashtags play an important role on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, many brands use random hashtags without knowing the real meaning behind them. Not only does it affect their social image, but also send a wrong message to users following them.
If you’re serious about growing your social image and creating an impact in the online world, then avoid making these mistakes.

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